April 10, 2020 Virtual Flower Show

Click HERE for the Flower Show Schedule - this page is a work in progress as Show entries come in. Come back after April 10th for the complete Show in all its beauty! 

General Horticulture

Section A. Flowering Perennials

Section B. Bulbs, Corms, Tubers, Rhizomes

Section C. Flowering Evergreen Shrub or Tree (in bloom)

Section D. Flowering Deciduous Shrub or Tree (in bloom)
















Section E. Dwarf Trees & Shrubs - Flowering & non-flowering











Section F. Evergreen Conifer Trees













Section G. Broad-leaf Evergreens - not flowering

Section H. Container Grown Plants - indoor or outdoor





Section I. Garden Herbs














Section J. Collections

Section K. Displays
















































Section L. Miniature bulbs, tubers & rhizomes




























Section M. Any worthy specimen not covered in the above classes.













Section N. A named exhibit in your garden that is too pretty to pick.













Botanical Arts Horticulture













Section A. Deciduous trees, miniature gardens, evergreen branches

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