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Welcome to the website for the Black Hills District of Garden Clubs.  We invite you to peruse the pages for information about our Clubs, programs and events!



"Stepping Stones"

'Exploring the Path of Possibilities


Our life's journey is marked by large and small events. Milestones, such as graduating from first grade, learning to drive, entering adulthood, finding a job or when we joined a garden club; all are building blocks in our lives and make us who we are today.

There are many stepping stones in our lives; steps that help us achieve and keep on going. Stepping stones are people; mentors, teachers, parents. Sometimes they are opportunities like taking a risk and completing a difficult project. Other stepping stones are random acts of kindness that were shown to us or they were failures and disappointments that strengthened us.

As we continue on our journey with garden club activities in our State, District or Club, may we find the stepping stones needed to continue to build new relationships. Enjoy the process of leading, setting new goals, stepping into new ideas, and finding personal success.

Celebrate your Milestones:

One 'stepping stone' at a time

But most of all we have FUN!  Join us!

The clubs and members of this District are also members of Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs, Pacific Region Garden Clubs and National Garden Clubs

Becky Flaherty


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Sponsored by the Hill & Dale District, Tacoma, WA

Gardening School Courses 1-4

Dates: April 29-30 & October 28-29, 2024

            April 28-29 & October 29-30, 2025

The school courses will be held at the Dryer Masonic Temple in Tacoma, Washington, which is great for the "local" garden club members because if sign up for the school you can drive home every day instead of spending the night someplace.

Gardening School consists of a series of four courses, each scheduled over two days of instruction, followed by an exam for those interested in becoming a NGC accredited Gardening Consultant. Courses cover all aspects of horticulture: gardening, understanding soil structure, pruning techniques, identifying plants, etc. Topics include basic botany, soils, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, lawns, pests, plant diseases, plant classification and selected subjects of local interest. Additional topics may include reconciliation ecology and creating backyard habitats to help endangered species such as pollinators and amphibians as well as working with youth.

Contact: Kathleen Muckian, Registrar


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This was one of the beautiful floral designs Olympia Garden Club members created for Louise Adams' memorial service.

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