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Welcome to the website for the Black Hills District of Garden Clubs.  We invite you to peruse the pages for information about our Clubs, programs and events!


With pandemic restrictions easing our clubs are beginning to meet again! Click on the Clubs tab if you're interested in visiting a garden club meeting.

During the course of a year the Clubs have many activities.  Members laugh and learn from each other every time they meet

Club members also participate in Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs events.  They provide educational opportunities presented by experts of national renown and the opportunity to associate with people sharing the same interests but coming from diverse backgrounds and locations.

But most of all we have FUN!  Join us!

The clubs and members of this District are also members of Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs, Pacific Region Garden Clubs and National Garden Clubs



Please scroll down and check the current issue of the Bugle to see the show schedule.

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This was one of the beautiful floral designs Olympia Garden Club members created for Louise Adams' memorial service.

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