The Black Hills District is but one of 13 garden club Districts throughout the State of Washington.  It is comprised of seven clubs and approximately 200 members. Club meetings are held in Thurston and Lewis Counties. 

Join a Club in your community and



  • have fun!!

  • expand your interests and build lifelong friendships

  • enjoy continuing education opportunities

  • improve the environment

  • participate in special projects with youth

  • compete in District and State flower shows

  • tour private and public gardens

  • learn to grow your own food







A Message from the Black Hills District Director for 2019-2021

     As Black Hills Director, my theme is “Create Magic in Your Garden.”  If you think about this statement, it speaks for itself.  Magic can be found in so many ways.  The magic of getting into that dirt and making something grow, the magic of watching it grow, the magic of making things from seeds that you planted, i.e. food to eat and flowers to enjoy.  These are the obvious “magics” that we see and think about.  Yet by becoming a garden club member we find ourselves seeing so many other types of “magics”.

     Our clubs are involved in a variety of numerous projects:  The Blue Star Marker in honor of Veterans, schools to learn how to design, grow, landscape; youth work.  My club works with the elementary school and we are involved in butterfly and Smokey Bear Poster Contests, poetry, butterfly gardens, pumpkin growing, repurposing materials and we are looking forward to sharing knowledge about pollinators this year. To share five minutes in the garden with a kindergartner is magic beyond an explanation.   

     Designers have their own special kind of magic.  They have a knack for taking a thought or an idea and turning it into a visual product--again magic! 

      The friendships that we share as we come together at District and State meetings are wonderful and life-lasting.  Our Garden Club venture is truly an experience of “Creating Magic in Your Garden.”  We, as Black Hills District members, would like to invite you to share this magic with us.  Contact your closest club to obtain information on meeting dates, where and what these clubs are doing.  Come join and enjoy our Magic!


Create Magic,

Diane Harper

Black Hills District Director                                                            

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