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The Black Hills District is but one of 9 garden club Districts throughout the State of Washington.  It is comprised of five clubs and approximately 200 members. Club meetings are held in Thurston and Lewis Counties. 

Join a Club in your community and



  • have fun!!

  • expand your interests and build lifelong friendships

  • enjoy continuing education opportunities

  • improve the environment

  • participate in special projects with youth

  • compete in District and State flower shows

  • tour private and public gardens

  • learn to grow your own food







Becky Flaherty 2022 v3.jpg

There are five clubs in the Black Hills District which makes a total of over 200 members.  


It has not been 'business as usual' these last two years; but Clubs have found ways to stay in touch and be active.


Good news:  Black Hills District will present a Horticulture Specialty Show on April 8, 2022, at the Thurston County Fairgrounds, with the title "Garden Magic."  

We are also planning, and hoping, that the Thurston County Fair will be up and running this summer.


Black Hills Director, Becky Flaherty

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